30 08 2011

Gosh, I have a new blog and I am already late at posting! Sorry!  

However, I have a very good excuse, I have moved to a new place, my own place, for the first time in my life. It all happened so fast and unexpectingly that it is quite complicated to express the rollercoaster of emotions this process is having on my over sensitive soul. In a way, I am happy and excited to be able to have my own temple, a place that nothing else knows but my life and the one of my family. 

It is also a committment, however,  to a specific place, geographical and emotional, which is causing me a bit of anxiety. I moved to the town where I grew up, the same place I happily left when I was 18, full of burning desire to see the world, meet new faces, experience new cultures.  I spent all of my twenties doing just that, traveling and moving to different countries, passionately experiencing life in two continents. At the beginning, this purchase felt to me like a loss of that lifestyle, but I am slowly realizing that, even though I left the place, the place never really left me…

I will certainly keep traveling (it is a passion I can’t live without) and, as my child gets older, I will do so more often and for extended periods of time. Each time I will return to this little mountain town, to my little grey house with wooden windows and the mountains will hug me again, ready to welcome me and my family. We will feel “home” over and over again. 





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