Choosing each other

1 10 2011

The other day, on the local playground I had quite the interesting conversation with a chatty old man. In the first twenty minutes of his monologue, he told me his entire life story as I sat on the playground bench trying to keep my daughter under the mommy – radar while half-listening to this peculiar old guy.

“Sixty-five years…” — “Pardon me?” I said. “Sixty-five years since I look my wife in the eyes and asked her to marry me. We were married two weeks later and have been ever since.”

“Wow!” I said, “that’s a life-time… the real meaning of forever love…”.

He laughed out loud and slowly shook his head. “Love, my dear, is for the young mind. When you reach my age, you look back and you see that during the years you’ve gone through good times and bad times and that this person has always been near you. During life, you have chosen each other, over and over again.”

I looked at him, speechless.

He smiled an ancient smile and walked away with the help of  his cane.

You have chosen each other, over and over again.”




2 responses

1 10 2011

I love this.

3 10 2011

This is really touching 🙂 I think he nailed it xo

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