22 10 2011

On Friday, I redeemed my birthday gift to myself, an all-about-me day. After dropping my girl off at school, instead of driving to the office, I drove in the opposite direction… After about an hour of highway driving (and a couple of U-turns for getting completely lost in the middle of nowhere), I arrived at destination, a huge warehouse where a good looking young photographer was waiting to show me a few hours of total fun.

One of the wishes in my bucket list was to have a professional photo shoot before I turn 35 and I still have a somewhat decent body. So, when I met this guy and he told me he would like to photograph me for his portfolio, I was totally psyched and jumped on the opportunity.

Friday was my time-as-a-model day… I loved changing into different outfits, getting lights adjusted around me, and daring to shoot some sexy poses.

I haven’t seen any of the pictures yet, and I don’t even know if there will be any good ones, but I cherish those hours in which I felt like a relaxed, special, beautiful woman.

After the photo shoot, I went shopping and bought my girl a few outfits and lots of party supplies for her upcoming b-day party.

The day was pure “me-happy”.




3 responses

22 10 2011

I am soo jealous. I would LOVE to photograph you! I WANT to see the pictures. 🙂

25 10 2011

I hope you are going to share! And why wouldn’t he want to ‘shoot’ you. Girl you are going to be fabulous with a rockin figure well into your 60’s so don’t stress about it!


25 10 2011

Thanks, girls – you are too kind! I love you! And yes, as soon as he sends me the CD, I will share a few shots with you 😉

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