Too long

23 03 2012

It’s been way too long.

I’ll be back soon, as soon as I find the time and the right state of mind. 





2 responses

23 03 2012
Magdalena Wiklund

Where do you “find time”? I would love to have another hour added to the 24 I have each day and night? And what is the right state of mind? What´s the wrong one, to have? 🙂

28 03 2012

Thanks for your comment, Maggie. As for “finding time”, I know it sounds like an excuse but by the end of each day, I have prioritized so many other things that this blog always gets put aside. I don’t know where you “find time”, I guess I just have to MAKE time for it 😉
“The right state of mind” simply means I need to find a moment to clear my head… not an easy task these days.

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